Hemelse Missies

“Pascal has a great network and works miracles by sourcing, selecting and securing the right freelancer for the job — all on the same day.”

Marielle Budwilowitz

Senior Creative Producer

“Dankzij Pascal in contact gekomen met een zeer conceptuele art director die onze plannen naar een hoger niveau tilt.” 

Robin Hoolwerf

Campagne Manager 

Maak kennis met Pascal's klanten:

Connecting the estate agents of Ja! Makelaardij to a copywriter.
Introducing them to two creative teams for a campaign focussed on gen-z.
Connecting E-bike2work to a Flemish copywriter for a sales pitch.
Introducing online accountant Thinq to a digital strategist
Connecting the studio of Vodafone and Ziggo to a Content Editor
Searching for a financial copywriter for interviews and blogs
Introducing the biggest franchiser of Albert Heijn - Bun.nl - to several communication professionals.
Connecting Harver.com - recruitment software company - within 5 minutes to a performance marketer.
Introduced my friends at This Page to a top notch digital strategist for a pitch.
Introducing the illustrators collective to a kick-ass researcher for an event in Albania.
Enforcing the in-house agency of Calvin Klein with freelancers like a native English copywriter.
Connecting their marketing manager to a senior interim marketing manager to strengthen their marketing department.
Connecting ad agency Being There to a freelance conceptual designer.
Introducing the start-up Monsley to a 'Growth Hacker' for their funnel, content, SEO and so on.
Connecting the internal agency of BCC to a DTP freelancer.
Connecting a responsive retail ad agency with a freelance senior creative team.
Connecting one of the most successful social media agencies to a creative copywriter with strategy skills.
Connecting Anthem Amsterdam to a Belgian copywriter who can write both Flemish and Belgian French.
Introducing De Persgroep to a freelance art director / designer to take their campaigns to the next level.
Connecting my good friend Kyra Roest to creative director.
Introducing MPG.TODAY to a freelance copywriter for the new digital platform of AllerHande.
Connecting charity organization Save The Children to a designer for their corporate powerpoint presentation.
Connecting The Student Hotel to a freelance creative team for their national and international campaigns.
For a pop-up agency in front of the airport I selected 12 freelance creatives; 6 copywriters and 6 art directors.
Connecting the food studio that brings you 24kitchen to a kick-ass interim creative director.
Introducing Hudson's Bay to a freelance illustrator for their upcoming Christmas campaign.
Connecting KWF to a freelance designer for a new identity.
Introducing the foodies of Chuck to a freelancer designer and illustrator.
Introducing Critical Minds to a dedicated freelance copywriter for their brandstory and communication.
Introducing the trainers and coaches of Moovs to other freelancers like a native English copywriter.
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